ACERACEAE,  Maple Family

Trees and shrubs with opposite simple palmately-lobed (or rarely compound) leaves; flowers monosporangiate or bisporangiate, small, hypogynous or perigynous, in umbels, corymbs, racemes, or panicles; disk often conspicuous; perianth regular; sepals 4-5 or more, separate or united at base; petals none or 4-5 or more, separate; stamens 4-10, usually 8; carpels 2, united; styles united below; stigmas 2; ovary 2-loculed, ovules 2 in each locule; placentae axile; each carpel becoming winged; fruit 2-seeded, of 2 united samaras (or rarely carpels and samaras 3-4). (Negundo Boehm.)