FABACEAE, Pea or Bean Family


Herbs and woody plants; leaves alternate, with pulvini, usually stipuled, usually compound; flowers bisporangiate, rarely solitary; inflorescence various. a spike, raceme, panicle, bead or umbel; calyx of 5 (rarely (fewer) united sepals, the teeth or lobes sometimes fewer than five; petals 5 (rarely 1 or none); corolla zygomorphic and papilionaceous, petals separate below, odd petal (standard) outside in bud, enclosing the 2 lateral petals (wings) and the 2 inner somewhat connivent petals (keel); stamens 5-many, rarely fewer than 5, usually 10, separate, monadelphous, or diadelphous, sometimes alternately long and short; carpel 1, ovary 1-Ioculed or rarely 2-loculed; placenta 1, parietal; fruit a legume, sometimes indehiscent, sometimes divided crosswise into 1-seeded segments (loment). (Papilionaceae=Leguminosae-Papilionoideae)