BORAGINACEAE,  Borage Family

Herbs, usually rough-pubescent, rarely glabrous; leaves alternate, simple, usually entire; flowers hypogynous, perfect, in cymes which are usually helicoid; calyx of 5 united sepals, lobed, sometimes irregular; corolla tubular, campanulate, saJverform, or rotate, 5-lobed, usually regular, tube often bearing, and sometimes closed by, appendages of scales, folds, or crests; stamens 5, inserted on corolla·tube, alternate with lobes; hypogynous disk sometimes present; carpels 2, united: style 1, terminal or arising from base of carpels; stigma capitate or bilobed; ovary 2-loculed at first, 4-loculed at maturity, a false partition in each carpel; 2 ovules in each carpel, 1 in each of the 4 locules; fruit separating into four l·seeded nutlets or rarely into two 2–seeded nutlets.