BRASSICACEAE, Mustard family

Herbs; leaves alternate or rarely opposite or whorled, simple or compound, without stipules; Flowers hypogynous, bisporangiate, in racemes or corymbs; perianth regular or rarely zygomorpbic; sepals 4, separate; petals 4, separate, rarely none; stamens 6, 2 shorter than the others, or rarely stamens 4 or 2; carpels united, style I, stigma usually 2-lobed; ovary 2-loculed; placentae parietal; fruit linear and much longer than wide (a silique) or short (a silicle); seeds 1 or 2 to many, when several, attached in 2 rows in each locule but lying in either 1 or 2 rows. (Cruciferae, nom.altern.)